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Meditation for a Broken Heart

Meditation  for a Broken Heart

If your heart hurts, this powerful meditation can help you transform that energy and let it go.

We've all been there: a cheating partner, a career dream that seems to have failed, or the death of loved one. When life shows us the depths of heartache, Tantra urges us to come closer to it, to step into it, to feel it with a tender dedication that may start with a hand on the heart and a silent internal whisper of, "My darling, I give you permission to feel this heartbreak."

This decidedly Tantric approach understands that there is an immense amount of prana shakti (soul power) in our pain. By staying as close as we can to our experience, this energy is unleashed, and we may gain deeper insights into the underlying nature of reality, as well as the intrinsic beauty at work even within heartbreak.

A Meditation for Easing Heartache

You can do this meditation sitting down, but I find it helpful to lay down with some support under the spine, such as a folded blanket or a bolster. You can bring the soles of your feet together, your knees wide (classicSupta Baddha Konasana), or can simply just lay down and be comfortable. I find that the heart heals more easily when it feels supported by the earth below, holding it and softening it. Try working with this practice for at least 30 days, for 15-45 minutes daily.

Close your eyes and let your body relax and settle into its connection to the earth. Feel that you are in a nurturing, soothing place, and that you are fully safe to relax and let you. Notice, for a few minutes, the simple miracle of the breath. The inhale raises the navel center away from you, without you trying, and lowers the belly back you as you breathe out. Again, try not to try. Simply watch the belly as you become more and more relaxed.